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Q2 2017 Market Update Fulton Industrial

I-20 West/Fulton Industrial distribution sector was steaming hot in the second quarter of 2017. Activity of 3,059,085 square feet – which included a 450,000 square foot build-to-suit project - led the pack. Unfortunately, restless tenants ate away at that activity leaving only 1,164,167 square feet for net absorption. The addition of 2.8 million square feet of spec construction inflated the availability rate to 11.7 percent - now a match to the metro average. The service center sector turned up the heat this quarter. Activity doubled to 53,209 square feet allowing a return to positive net absorption. The 27,357 square feet absorbed erased 1.5 percent from the availability rate. Although down to 20.1 percent, it remains above the metro average of 17.0 percent.

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